Electric Vehicle Charging Points

Opportunity for Landlords

What is the opportunity?

 Electric vehicle (EV) sale increases are an irresistible trend. There are already 200,000 on UK roads and there will be 200 types of electric vehicle on sale in 2025. Volvo has already announced it will cease building internal combustion engine-only cars whilst the UK government will stop sales of petrol or diesel cars in 2035.

  • Gain new customers

EV car owners use apps to navigate their way to EV charging stations so once Edifice enters you into these apps you will gain new customers who tend to be more wealthy  and will bring you new revenues


  •  Make your property more attractive

Consumers are positively influenced by the presence of EV chargers as it shows the property owner/ operator is forward-thinking and environmentally-focussed

  • Protect your neighbourhood

40,000 people died in the UK alone in 2017 due to air pollution. Reducing pollution at your property by attracting EV’s is the right thing to do for air quality.

  • Gain local prestige

Councils are positively inclined towards properties with EV chargers and so are your customers plus this adds to your Corporate Social Responsibility credentials


Why Edifice?

  •  Scale
    • 13,400 sites already under management so we are the largest
    • represents the property portfolios of 5 FTSE 100 companies, 3 FTSE 250 companies and many major private landlords so we are trusted
    • 20,000 further sites under negotiation
    • this means Edifice can drive the best commercial and legal terms for its landlord partners
  • Neutrality
    • Edifice is not the charge point operator (CPO) so we are trusted with the plans and ambitions of our CPO customers
  • Whole market auction
    • as with outdoor media where we auction to 58 media owners, Edifice offers its sites to all CPO’s
    • this means all geographies and car park types will be targeted as we can bring the whole market to the auctions
    • maximises revenue generation and deployment
  • Risk mitigation
    • we have the necessary process expertise and energy sector knowledge as we also deploy battery storage, peak power and edge computing
    • because of the cumulative effects of our scale and the whole market approach Edifice can remove any non-performing or defaulting CPO and replace them per the auction process