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Battery Storage

The energy sector offers a fantastic opportunity to property owners with land that can accommodate a power storage facility.

The demand for additional battery power storage installations is increasing as the UK is facing an energy production shortfall. A combination of the closure of fossil fuel power stations, wind and solar not performing as expected and nuclear installations not coming online quick enough, has resulted in a significant energy gap on a national level.

Edifice works closely with the energy sector to identify these gaps across the National Grid infrastructure and with our collaborative expertise in site identification, planning and installation we can deliver a comprehensive and hassle free solution that will produce incremental revenue across your property portfolio

Please contact us for more details if you believe that you have suitable land or unused buildings for us to evaluate.

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Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Points
  • Rental agreement for both Battery Energy Storage System (1MW – 2MW and Rapid Charge Points (50KW – 150KW DC)
  • 10+ year term but can terminate after 5 years for development/ disposal for 2 years’ rent compensation
  • No operational impact during installation or operation
    • uses separate power so no impact to your site
    • EV chargers do not take up car spaces
    • independent 24/7 Helpline and call-out
  • Powerful CSR message and supporting central government with its renewables and EV targets

Landlords, if you have a space that you think might be suitable, please contact us and we can help you to monetise your property.

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Parcel Lockers
Edifice auctions space in your car parks, forecourts or against unused walls to logistics companies who install parcel lockers that enable consumers to pick up the packages they order online 24 hours a day.

This also drives footfall to your sites so is particularly attractive to retailers, publicans and libraries.

Landlords, if you have a space on your property that you think might be suitable, please contact us and we can help you to monetise your property.

Special Assets
You may have non-building assets that can generate advertising revenue such as commercial vehicle fleets or Edifice can generate revenue from innovating with entirely new media formats.

Two such deals will be announced shortly.