Atlas Bar, 376 Deansgate, Manchester M3 4LY


Atlas Bar

Atlas Bar


  • Potential banner location, subject to agreed works
  • Central Manchester location
  • Busy junction of Deansgate (A56) and Castle & Whitworth Streets
  • Nightlife central surrounded by bars and clubs
  • Round the corner from Museum of Science and Industry


Invitations are sought for proposals for temporary Out of Home media at this location.


  • Subject to contract and planning
  • Subject to the terms of the Edifice Frame Agreement
  • To agree to enter the Site Agreement
  • Planning to be in line with any refurbishment works
  • To be responsible for design, negotiation and the planning application process through to appeal and then build, with Edifice project management for the property owner
  • Either side is responsible for their own legal costs

Edifice gives no representation or warranty and shall have no liability whatsoever to a bidder about or regards: the suitability of the property for outdoor media installations now or in the future; whether the mock-up installations provided can be installed or will be approved by any relevant party or public authority; whether development, refurbishment or a disposal of the property will occur; the title to or extent of the property; whether there are any restrictions regards the use or enjoyment of the property, or whether there are any pre-existing or anticipated outdoor media installations at the property or nearby. All bidders should conduct their own property surveys to assess its condition and suitability. All bids are made at the sole cost and risk of the bidder. All bids are subject to contract and to freeholder, leaseholder, and operational approval as well as to planning permission and any other public authority, statutory or regulatory permission or approval