Power Generation & Battery Storage

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take to develop?
The development process is likely to take about 9-12 months from entering into Heads of Terms to Completion of the energy storage system. Construction will typically take around 10 working weeks on site.

What are the site criteria?
The energy storage system requires a nearby, or preferably on site, connection to 33kV grid network. The Peak Power company will help identify the voltage of such grid points and will run a feasibility check on the site to enhance the chances of the site achieving planning.

Will there be much disruption of my farm whilst construction takes place?
We work with trusted contractors and disruption will be kept to a minimum. We will also work with you to agree the appropriate access routes (subject to planning consent) and construction traffic management.

What are the environmental impacts?
The storage system is fixed and generates no emissions and minimal noise. The system is mounted on a concrete plinth or fingers and there is no permanent damage to land, which will be reinstated when the storage system is decommissioned. Generally speaking, the system sits within the existing field boundaries, all the characteristic elements of the landscape will remain physically unaffected. The system can also be screened either by existing vegetation or by planting.

How is the site secured?
A security fence will be required around the storage system typically this will be colour coated weldmesh, 2.1m high. It will be kept back from boundary features to allow maintenance access.

How is it maintained?
The storage system will be unmanned and monitored by a remote security system. Access will be needed for operation and maintenance such as cleaning, checking any cabling and faulty components.

When would I start receiving the ground rent payments?
The first payment will be made on completion of the Lease when we take possession of the site to commence construction.

Will I need to enter into any other agreements, apart from the Lease?
You will be required to grant a wayleave and subsequently an easement to the District Network Authority for the installation of the cabling over your land. This will be on their standard terms.

What happens if I decide to sell my land?
You will be able to sell the land with the benefit of an income generating energy storage system that will increase the value of your property. Rental payments will be transferred to the new owners.

Do I have to pay tax on the rental income that I receive?
Yes, currently it is deemed to be taxable income.

How can I be certain that the site will be reinstated after use?
There will be a provision in the lease obliging us to do so